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A Leading Florida Dispensary Now Delivers

Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation – your farm to couch recreational dispensary that offers shipping options on a variety of products delivering natural & potent benefits of the cannabis plant. Our products offer the benefits of broad and full-spectrum products – the ‘entourage effect’ that maximizes the plant’s cannabis plant's potency.

So, if you have been searching on the internet for the best marijuana deals near me, this Florida Cannabis Dispensary offers organic, locally sourced & Certified Clean Cannabis alternative options –

  • Flower – these Legal THC cannabis flower options require no medical ID card.

  • Vape Products – from cartridges to delicious & delectable flavors of vape juice containing Legal THC and CBD.

  • Edibles – more than 30 edible cannabis options –     

    • Gummies

    • Drinks, Teas, & Shots

    • Coffee

    • Tinctures

    • Syrup

    • Lollipops

    • THCa Brownies or Cereal Treats

  • Pre-Rolls - ready to enjoy in a variety of strains.

  • Plant Pet RX – these animal and pet-designed cannabis products are available in –

    • Dog Chews

    • Tinctures

    • Peanut Butter


  • Terpenes & Tinctures – full-spectrum tinctures and distillates in a variety of flavors

As a leading dispensary, we also offer a wide variety of health & wellness products.

Our store policies can be read by following this link. For information on the chemical content of our cannabis products, check out the online Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each strain.

Should you have an inquiry or want to contact the Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation, you can use our online contact form, or shoot us an email. 


Want to Join our Team? Check out our Team Application page.

Follow Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation on Facebook for updates and special offers.


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