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                                                                       ******WARNING!! *******
Spaceballs is a HIGH strength product! If you don't want to experience intoxication like being drunk then these are not for you.
This is a best seller for a reason. Florida Cannabis Supply now has a providing an enhanced moonrock like no other! Are already high strength moon rock now has gotten even better! A full spectrum moon rock that hits all the right notes for aroma, taste, and feeling. 


PrecioDesde 60,00$
Impuesto excluido
  • It’s about speed and absorption! Smoking Moon Rocks allows the THC and CBD to enter your blood stream immediately and the effects are typically felt in 10 – 15 minutes. The next fastest form of absorption is tinctures used under the tongue, taking about 30 minutes. Edibles can take 1 – 6 hours for effects to be felt.

    Absorption is the next huge factor. Smoking THC, especially high concentrated moon rocks, provides the highest absorption levels. You can expect around 35 – 60% absorption into your bloodstream from smoking compared to 20 – 30% when consumed as an edible. 

    Lastly, moon rocks are the most potent form of THC smokeable on the market today. They can contain up up to 50% THC, whereas tinctures typically contain only 5 – 20% CBD in a serving. And most high Strength Medical Marijuana Strengths cap out at around 20% THC. 
    We have a higher strength product that is 100% legally compliant and doesn't require a medical card!!

  • Due to the nature of the products we sell All Sales are Final, No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Returns

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